Failed NCLEX®

I have failed the NCLEX®, will this program work for me?

We can definitely help you to pass the NCLEX®!

Where Do I Even Start?:

We first recommend taking the time to really examine what happened with your past NCLEX® attempts. Review the CPR (Comprehensive Performance Report) that is mailed to you which tells you what aspects of the exam you fell below the passing standard on, and focus your review and practice questions on those specific areas.

We also want you to know that failing the NCLEX® does not define the type of nurse you are or will be. There are many wonderful nurses who did not pass the NCLEX® on their first… second… or even fifth try.
So, to help boost your confidence, please make time to listen to this podcast on What I Learned Failing the NCLEX® 3 Times!

How Do I Use NRSNG® to Prep for the NCLEX®?:

  1. Start with NRSNG Academy® Test Taking Course!
    • How to take notes! How to study! How to manage and organize your time!
    • How to DOMINATE NCLEX®-Style questions and avoid all of the common ‘traps’!
  2. Take 200 – 300 Nurse Practice Questions® (NPQ®) using the “All Categories” feature
    • You’ll take 50 at a time
    • The goal here is to review your areas of weakness
  3. Review your overall results
    • Identify your 4 lowest scoring Nursing Categories
    • Identify your 4 lowest scoring NCLEX® Categories
  4. Take 50 NPQ® each in the 4 lowest scoring Nursing Categories and 4 lowest scoring NCLEX® Categories
    • Make note of common themes you are struggling with or test-taking pitfalls you fell into
      • Is it Cardiac? Pharm? Is it the Select All That Apply questions?
  5. Spend 2-3 hours per day reviewing material related to those topics
  6. Take a SIMCLEX™
    • Review your results – what are your bottom 4 Nursing and NCLEX® Categories now?
    • Review the specific questions you missed in each of those categories to identify common themes or topics you are struggling with or test-taking pitfalls you fell into.
      • i.e. if you continue to struggle with cardiac – which specific questions are they? Are they heart failure related? Does it have to do with heart sounds?
      • It’s easy to fall into the trap of reviewing what you’re doing right – don’t waste your time there!!
  7. Repeat 4 and 5 with the new results (bottom 4) each time until your NPQ® results are between 55-60% accuracy in each category (Found on the NPQ® page).

You CAN do this! We believe in you!

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