NCLEX Prep Course and NCLEX Prep Book FAQ

What is the NCLEX Prep Course and NCLEX Prep Book?

The NCLEX Prep Course is a focused compilation of hand-selected lessons that will streamline your NCLEX prep. Our educators meticulously and carefully reviewed, researched, and selected these specific lessons, that are the need-to-know lessons for NCLEX prep, essentially cutting out even more study time.

The NCLEX Prep Book contains information that you will not find anywhere in the Academy; such as a deeper look at the NCLEX and NCLEX Categories, even more detailed breakdown of certain topics, and specific graphics that are only available in the book. All of this is organized and filled with images, charts, graphs, and cheatsheets.

What is included with the NRSNG 2 Year Plan?

The NRSNG 2 Year plan gives you access to:

  • 30+ courses
  • 1,200+ lessons
  • lesson quizzes
  • 2,000+ lesson study tools
  • 6,000 NCLEX style practice questions written by NCSBN trained question writers
  • mobile app
  • private members group
  • chat and email support
  • custom and pre-made study plans
  • 3 of our patent-pending SIMCLEX exams
  • NCLEX Prep Course
  • NCLEX Prep Book
  • 200% MBG (if eligible)
  • and much more!

What plan has access to the NCLEX Prep Course and NCLEX Prep book?

The NRSNG 2 Year Plan is the only plan that includes the NCLEX Prep Course and NCLEX Prep book.

How can I get access to the NCLEX Prep Course and NCLEX Prep book?

If you would like access to the NCLEX Prep Course and NCLEX Prep Book, you will need to subscribe to the NRSNG 2 Year plan, as these are not available for individual purchase.

Do I have access to the NRSNG NCLEX Prep Study Plans?

Yes, depending on your plan. Please reach out to Support at contact@nrsng for help in getting access to the NCLEX Study Plans.

Can I download and print the NCLEX Prep Book?

In order to prevent mass redistribution, without our consent, none of the books inside the Academy, including the NCLEX Prep Book, can be downloaded or printed.

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