NRSNG Academy NCLEX® Prep

Will this program help me prepare for the NCLEX®?

NRSNG Academy® has everything you need to successfully prepare for and pass the NCLEX®!

If you are wondering where to get started or how to use NRSNG® to prepare for your NCLEX®, here is what we recommend:

  • Start by reviewing the Test Taking Course
  • Take 200 Nursing Practice Questions® (NPQ®) using the "Select All" category
  • View your NPQ® dashboard to identify your areas of weakness (aim for 55%-60% in each category)
  • Take 50 NPQ®'s in each of your areas of weakness and review rationales and make note of any themes or test taking traps you may have fallen into
  • Review material related to those topics (this can be in either the Academy Courses or NCLEX Prep Course and book, depending on your plan)
    • If you'd like a personalized video showing you our recommendations for your specific plan, click here
  • Take more NPQ®'s and check for improvement
  • Repeat cycle if necessary
  • Once you feel confident in all areas, take a SIMCLEX™

Remember, every person is different in what they need and where they should focus. Spend time in the areas you need the most.

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