NRSNG Academy® and Concept Based Nursing

My school uses concept based nursing. Does the NRSNG Academy® work for concept based programs?


In the NRSNG Academy®, you can study by body system or by concepts.

We incorporated concepts into NRSNG Academy® because we truly believe it gives you a better big-picture understanding of the patient’s needs. It also allows you to drill down to the top 2 or 3 true priorities. Other methods leave you with 8-10 “priorities”, which can be confusing.

Not only that, but it allows you to make connections between different body systems as well as between disease processes and other topics like lab values or medications! Our goal is to help you not be so overwhelmed with content that you miss these important connections and patterns!
So here’s how to make the most of NRSNG Academy®, based on your program!

Concept Based: Utilize our study plans. Select the concept you’re focusing on, and it will pull related concepts from across the entire NRSNG Academy®. For example, instead of searching Cardiac you would use the category Perfusion. Whereas searching “Cardiac” gets you about 2 dozen options, Perfusion gets you nearly 100.

Now, that’s not to overwhelm you - but to give you options and to make sure nothing gets missed. For example, a stroke can be included in perfusion, but it isn’t cardiac related. So if you just searched “cardiac”, you’d miss it!

Just scroll through the search results and choose the specific topics that you need for your personalized study plan! Then, get studying!

Non-Concept Based: If your program is not concept based and you’re not sure what the heck we’re talking about, that’s okay! When you’re creating your study plan, just type into the search bar what topic you’re looking for! Or, use your best judgment to choose a concept that you think applies!

You can also simply visit our classroom and choose the course that covers the body system that you need. There is a course for cardiac, neuro, respiratory, and more!

No matter what type of program you’re in, NRSNG Academy® can help you create a personalized study plan so you can focus on exactly what you need.

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