NRSNG Academy for LPN/LVNs

Do you have a separate program for LPN/LVN students or for the NCLEX® PN?

There is only one NRSNG Academy program. And it is a great tool for both RNs and LPNs

  • NRSNG Academy is designed for RN students, but we have a lot of PN users that are using our materials with great success!

  • The base knowledge required to become an RN or a PN is similar. What is different is how that knowledge is applied in practice.

  • The NCLEX-PN focuses on gathering information while the NCLEX-RN focuses more on assessing patients and creating care plans.

  • Since the NRSNG Academy education style focuses on giving you a better understanding of that base knowledge it will help both the RN and the PN apply that knowledge in the method appropriate for their practice.

Let me share what our PN users are saying:

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