NRSNG Academy® for LPN/LVNs

Do you have a separate program for LPN/LVN students or for the NCLEX-PN®?

There is only one NRSNG Academy® program, and it's a great tool for both RNs and LPNs!

While our materials are designed mainly for RN students, we actually do have a lot of PN users that are using our materials with great success!

To explain, the base knowledge required to become an RN or a PN is similar. The difference is how that knowledge is applied in practice. The NCLEX-PN® focuses on gathering information while the NCLEX-RN® focuses more on assessing patients and creating care plans.

Since the NRSNG Academy® education style focuses on giving you a better understanding of that base knowledge it will help both the RN and the PN apply that knowledge in the method appropriate for their practice.
While we don't have an NCLEX-PN® Prep Course, we do have an entire Test Taking Course dedicated to helping you get into the mindset of taking exams as well as how to answer those tricky nursing style questions. We also have a question bank of 6,000+ NCLEX® style practice questions that will allow you to increase your knowledge while building your confidence. 

And, lastly, we do have our patent-pending SIMCLEX® exam. While the Pass/Fail would be irrelevant in determining readiness for the NCLEX-PN® as the SIMCLEX® mimics the NCLEX-RN®, taking a SIMCLEX® is an excellent way to get the experience of what a CAT exam feels like!

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