NRSNG Academy use in School

Can I use the NRSNG Academy while I am still in school?

Tools available in the NRSNG Academy

  1. We will help you learn how to break down test questions with our Test Taking Course. (this will help on the NCLEX and for school exams)
  2. Large question bank of NCLEX style practice questions. (you can sort by category allowing you to study specific material for exams)
  3. Lectures by topic organized into courses: pharmacology, Lab values, cardiac, mental health, ekg, peds, ob, fundamentals.
  4. Flashcards that can be sorted by category.
  5. Cheat Sheets for every topic are available in each course and can be downloaded and printed.
  6. Mnemonics to help remember all the information

What Our Users Are Saying About NRSNG Academy While in School

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How to use the NRSNG Academy While in School

Before you start a section in school review the corresponding course in NRSNG Academy - this will give you a great framework to start from and will allow you to know what questions you should ask in class.

After the lecture use cheatsheets, flashcards and practice questions to quiz yourself and solidify the information.

We also have some great tips for how to use the Academy to prepare for the NCLEX

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