RN Crush vs NPQ

What is the difference between RN Crush and NCLEX® Practice Questions?

NCLEX® Practice Questions Vs RN Crush

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NCLEX® Practice Questions

  • 4000+ Test Questions, written just like NCLEX® Questions (Growing Daily)
  • Multiple Choice and Select All That Apply Questions (in proportions that match the NCLEX® Exam)
  • Overall Grade Tracking, so you know how you’re doing, even down to the individual subject level
  • Global Rank, so you know how well you’re doing against all the other nurses in the world
  • Choose from 21 Subject Areas – or test at random, so you can only practice the subjects you’re not great at, or do overall preparation.
  • Subject Level Tracking, so you can see which subjects you’re great at, and which ones you need to focus on studying
  • Mobile Responsive, NPQ works on you mobile device, computer, or laptop. Study anywhere.

RN Crush

  • 3000+ NCLEX® Questions with Rationales (including SATA).
  • Create customized quizzes.
  • Save, share, and review any questions.

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