I Can't Afford These Payments

What if I Can't Afford These Payments?

We definitely understand the financial strain that nursing school can put on a student. That’s precisely why we try our best to keep the cost as low as possible, while still being able to make updates and additions to NRSNG Academy®. We genuinely want to help as many students, as we can, succeed and be the best nurse they can be!

With that being said, we offer a ton of FREE RESOURCES such as:

  1. Blogs: We have some incredible blog posts written by our excellent team of nurses that provide academic tips and some entertainment as well.
  2. Podcasts: If you have a little extra time in the car, you have to check out our podcasts! They cover a huge range of topics, from getting into nursing school to NCLEX® prep. We also have the mobile Radio Podcast App, too.
  3. Cheatsheets: Quick study tool and reference.
  4. Nursing Care Plans: To help you be the best nurse you can be.
  5. NCLEX® Practice Question Tests: To give you confidence that you CAN pass the NCLEX®.
  6. Nursing Practice Questions®: So you can master any topic.
  7. Nursing Mnemonics: Memorization has never been this easy.
  8. Nursing FAQ's: To help get you started.
  9. Multiple Study Guides: Including Pharm, EKG Interpretation, Labs and Fluid & Electrolytes.

We’re here for you and happy to help in any way!

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