Which Plan Should I Subscribe To?

I'm currently in school taking my prerequisites to get into my nursing program.
Do you have any tools that can be helpful for me?

For this reason, the NRSNG Academy Monthly Plan will have everything that you need!

My nursing program doesn’t start for X months.
What plan should I subscribe to?

We recommend signing up closer to your program date to make the best use of the Academy.

  • Some students have subscribed about 1 month after their program begins after getting settled into their routine and classes
  • We recommend the NRSNG Academy Monthly Plan if you are wanting to get a head start before your program begins since you can cancel at any time and do not have to pay for resources that you don’t need yet such as NRSNG® NCLEX® Prep material
  • The 2 Year Plan would be recommended if you will be in your program and be taking the NCLEX® within that same time period. However, if it lapses or expires prior to your NCLEX® date, you can always sign up again for the 2 Year Plan.

I’m currently in nursing school.
Which plan is best for me?

The 2 Year Plan will take you through your nursing program as well as help you with NCLEX® prep!
However, depending on your situation, the NRSNG Academy Monthly Plan is also great as you get access to everything you need during your schooling such as access to all of the Courses, Lessons, Study Tools, Study Plans, and Nursing Practice Questions®, but you will not have access to NRSNG® NCLEX® Prep resources.

I’m preparing to crush the NCLEX®.
What plan will help me do so?

  • The 2 Year Plan has everything you need to help you successfully prepare for and crush the NCLEX®!
  • Being on the 2 Year Plan does NOT lock you in for 2 Years - you can cancel at any time prior to completing all 6 payments.

We want you to be as confident as we are that NRSNG Academy® is for you, so take us for a "test drive" today with our $1, 3-day trial!

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