How Much Does the 2 Year + NCLEX® Plan Cost?

  What is the cost of the 2 Year + NCLEX® Plan?

The 2 Year + NCLEX® is $82 a month for 6 months, then, after you make those payments, you'll get an additional 18 months FREE for a total access of 2 years. 🎉

Best of all, though, it comes with a 3-day trial first which will give you FULL access to prior to actually subscribing!

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And just in case you have a few more questions about our 2 Year + NCLEX plan...

Do I have to make all 6 payments?

Not at all!  You can cancel at any time prior to that 6th payment directly from inside your account and you won't be charged again.

How do the payments work exactly?

After you sign up for the FREE 3-day trial, if you don't cancel before your trial ends, you'll be charged $82 immediately after the trial. You'll then be billed $82 every month for 6 months. After the 6th and final full payment, the system will stop billing you, but you'll continue to have access for 18 more months!

What does the 2 Year + NCLEX® Plan include?

The 2 Years + NCLEX® Plan includes content and tools for these 4 critical stages of the nursing journey:

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